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LMS Development
Done Differently.

Custom UI/UX
Third-Party Integrations
Analytics & Reporting
Security & Compliance
Mobile App Development
Engagement Toolset

Brand Executives develops custom learning management systems of any scale and complexity in a quick and cost effective manner.

Our expertise in the most advanced and innovative LMS technology, plus our add-ons, gamification, and analytics allow us to provide you with a feature-rich, branded, cloud hosted and highly scalable learning management system in just a couple of weeks.

Once we understand your business’ requirements, we develop solutions architecture, custom design, and tech requirements for your custom LMS and actually deliver it according to the defined timeline.

Our Work

Logo for the Hurley Recruiting Consultants project developed by Brand Executives

Hurley Recruitment Consulting


Rev App

Mockup about NextExec project developed by Brand Executives


LMS Applications


Do you need to train your team? We’ll help you build out the LMS application you need to get on top of the trends.

Custom UI/UX

We develop custom designs to ensure perfect balance between business vision and cost of implementation.

Analytics & Reporting

Custom dashboards, reports, third-party reporting tools, multi-level reports, reports & data visibility management — everything is possible a doable.

Engagement Toolset

Gamification, contests, competitions, custom engagement-aimed dashboards and leaderboards aligning everything between groups of users is our area of expertise.

Mobile Application

We can customize our LMS applications or develop new ones to provide your users with a mobile experience that meets your standards and expectations.

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